Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Rock'n'Roll New Orleans Marathon

A while ago now (I've been behind), on Sunday February 2nd, I ran the Rock'n'Roll New Orleans Marathon, finishing in a time of 4:15:01, cutting 20 minutes off of my previous PR from last March. It was a good race and a nice weekend; the weather could have been better, but the course was better than I thought it might be. It was warmer than I would prefer (mid-60s) and very humid, making for a lot of sweat; the roads were almost all asphalt and in great shape, none of the broken pavement or cobblestones I was worried about. My body held up better than I thought it might- other than nearly debilitating leg pain, my feet fared well, no significant blistering, no dead toenails. My biggest concern was that I hurt my foot Friday evening during a short run after driving all day, but that wound up bothering me less than my right Achilles, which has had some flare ups recently. I had plenty of energy and was in good spirits, really it was just the legs that slowed me down. In the end, I would have liked to have gone a little quicker, and had more of a chance to experience New Orleans, but it was a nice visit, and a PR is never a bad thing. Also, I recently decided to try to finish a marathon in every state; this makes 3 states (along with Texas and Kentucky).