Monday, April 16, 2007

Peace, Love and Happiness Ride

Yesterday was the fifth annual (the third I've been to) Peace, Love and Happiness ride put on by Paul Mitchell CEO John Paul DeJoria. Robbie Knievel was there as he has been in the past. I had heard Peter Fonda was supposed to be there (also a friend of John Paul's) but I never saw him. John Paul was riding a Victory motorcycle that had been modified to run on ethanol or even a mix of pump gas and Patron tequila (I think JP is friends with the people who own Patron as well), which he demonstrated by topping off his tank from a fresh bottle of Patron.
The ride itself was nice- the weather was perfect. It wasn't very long, only about 70 miles, but with 200+ bikes you can't really go to far. A police escort is always nice- you get to go straight through intersections and traffic lights. The problem is they don't always go as fast as I would if I was riding by myself.
The ride ended up back at Cowboy HD where there were sausage wraps for lunch. They raffled off a Low Rider but I didn't win. I must have gotten a fair amount of sun because my face is still red today.

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