Monday, October 6, 2008

Visit From Dad

Friday night I had dinner with my dad, who was down in Texas visiting his mother in the Dallas area. We stuffed ourselves at Chuy's, then went home and fell asleep in front of the television. Saturday we went to the Blanton museum and looked at their European collection, then had lunch at Katz's. We had brought my bicycle in the trunk of the rental car, so I got out and he headed back north to Dallas to have dinner with the family up there. I rode around a bit, then headed home, stopping for a Dr Pepper and a pound of Twizzlers, which were gone before the end of the next day, as I expected. When I got home I cooled off, cleaned up a little bit, then changed and rode the Night Train over to Stubb's to see Clutch. Overall the show was really great. The first band, Graveyard, was kind of southern rock and much better than I was expecting. The second opener was The Sword, who are actually from Austin. I'd never seen them live and pretty much only knew of them because they had a song in Guitar Hero. They were really good, pretty much old-fashioned heavy metal. Clutch came on at 10 and played for an hour and a half. It was a good show, even though I only really recognized one song.
Sunday I went to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Expo out at their headquarters. I just wandered most of the time, but I did pick up some info on a few Texas State Parks. I wanted to climb on the rock climbing walls, but the line was too long for me, and mostly kids. I left there a little past noon and went to McKinney Falls SP, which is adjacent. I took a stroll on their 3-mile asphalt "hike and bike" trail, then went home and mostly watched TV for the rest of the day, but I did pick dead sunflowers in the back yard for a little bit. I finally finished watching season 2 of Heroes, and now Time Warner doesn't have NBC, so I guess I'll have to watch season 3 online.

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