Monday, November 10, 2008

Lazy Weekend (in High-Definition)

I didn't feel all that well on Friday, not really sick, just sort of a low level head cold. Not enough to stay home from work, but enough to be unpleasant. I wasn't feeling a whole lot better Saturday, and I already had a built in excuse of Time Warner coming out to switch me over to digital cable and phone. I laid on the couch watching stuff off my existing DVR until he showed up around 10, then kind of hovered while he was working. I hooked up the new converter/DVR box while he put in the new modem. Not very surprisingly things didn't work right the first time, the box had to be rebooted after messing around with how it was hooked up, and he had to call in to get the modem working correctly. He didn't actually wind up doing anything with the phone, since AT&T hadn't disconnected my existing service. He didn't even have the part he should have had which would have switched service over. He said he was going to come back and get the part and do the wiring, but he never came back. I laid on the couch switching between my existing DVR and the new digital cable. I am now in love with High Definition television. I've seen hi-def sports in bars before, but to have other stuff, like the Discovery Channel in hi-def is really awesome. The interface on the new DVR sucks compared to my existing one, but I pay $13 a month just for the service and it doesn't do hi-def, so it's going to go by the wayside. The installer called me at 11 this morning, asking if I was home since my AT&T service had been shut off and he was at my house to complete the installation. I of course was at work since I had no idea when he was coming back, the contractor hadn't told me anything after the guy left. Since it was close enough to lunch time I went home and let him into my house to complete the work.
Sunday was a gorgeous day and I figured I had to get out of the house at least for a little while. I didn't want to ride my bicycle since I had been sick, the Night Train was still in the shop because of issues with the aftermarket parts I'm having put on, and the Fat Boy hasn't been running very well lately, so I drove. I had lunch at Home Slice Pizza and then took a stroll along the hike-and-bike trail.

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