Monday, May 4, 2009

The Mythical Nap

After a week off for a cold, I got back into training this past week, running up and down the stairs Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. After finishing and cooling off for a few minutes Friday, I went home, took a shower, and rode the Night Train over to Jimmy's to enjoy the evening air and a beer on the deck, then went to dinner at TX Roadhouse. After a tasty steak dinner I went home and watched TV until I fell asleep.

I went back over to Jimmy's Saturday morning, ostensibly to help him pick up some furniture from a warehouse. It turned out I wasn't all that necessary as the handyman doing work on his house came with his truck, so the three of us went down to pick it up. The first problem was that the truck only has two seats, so I sat on a camp stool between them. It definitely didn't feel safe, but at least we weren't in an accident, so I came out okay. The second problem was that all of the furniture wouldn't fit in the back of the truck, so we wound up strapping one piece to the back. Fortunately, it also survived the trip. The handyman left after we got everything into the house, so I helped to get it set up where it was supposed to go. That was when we encountered the problem we didn't manage to solve: the shelving unit wouldn't fit through the door of the room. We tried several times, but only managed to gouge the door frame and chip the finish on the shelves.

After puttering about for a while after waking up at 6:45, I went for a bicycle ride at 10. I rode to the veloway, took a five minute break, did two easy laps, rested again, and then rode to lunch. I had an unhurried lunch while reading the paper, then rode home. After a shower, I was playing on the computer when I started to get tired. I laid down on my bed around two and pretended to read for five seconds before I fell asleep. I woke up at 3, looked at the clock, rolled over, and went back to sleep for another half hour. It was definitely the best nap I've had in ages, and after shaking off the sleep I felt pretty refreshed. I drove to REI to take advantage of their big annual sale. I spent well more than I probably should have, but at least I got a few things I've been needing/wanting. I went and had dinner at Bone Daddy's, then around 7 I drove back home and picked weeds until it got dark. I was pretty miserable once I was done, sweaty, dirty, covered in mosquito bites, and itchy from the weeds. I watched TV until I was about to fall asleep, just before the end of the drag race.

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