Monday, June 8, 2009

Multi-Sport Training

After work on Friday I went to the veloway and went inline skating for the first time in about 6 months, and only the second time since breaking my ankle. It didn't start out too badly, it took me just a minute or so to get my "skate legs" back. However, it was quickly apparent that skating is a lot harder on the shins than anything else I've been doing. I was already feeling it when I got to the steep hill, and barely made it up. I almost stopped for a break at the top, but kept going on the flat section. The next small hill wasn't too bad, but the final hill had my shins burning. I crouched down through the final chicane and almost fell on my ass when I stood back up and lost my balance. I managed to avoid falling, and made it to the bench to sit and rest. I stretched my legs as much as I could and decided to go for a short lap. One short lap went about the same as the first full lap, so I did another after a short break. After the second short lap my legs were burning and my ankle was really starting to hurt, so I called it good enough for a first time back. The big difference between this session and the previous one, is that the previous time (while I still had the metal hardware) my ankle was hurting for a week- this time my ankle didn't hurt even the next day.

My legs, of course, are a completely different story. After a HOG chapter lunch ride and an afternoon nap, I decided to try a jog along the hike-and-bike trail. It started okay, I jogged until my heart rate hit 185 (which was probably about a half mile), then walked until it came down to 150, then started jogging again. It was only seconds after starting to jog again that my shins started burning. I slowed to a walk again, but even that was brutal after a few minutes. I sat down on a bench to rest for a couple of minutes and stretch my legs some, even though it didn't seem to help. I kept walking, and may have even jogged a couple more steps, but sat down once more before I got to the Lamar bridge. In order to replace fluids, carbs, and essential electrolytes, I walked to Uncle Billy's for some beer and dinner. At dusk I walked the rest of the way back to my car along the now nearly deserted trail.

On Sunday I decided to do something that would be a form of exercise that didn't use my legs, as well as being cool on a hot day, and kayaked along Lady Bird Lake. I rented a kayak from a place along the hike-and-bike trail, and started upstream. I stopped for some lunch about 15 minutes in under a tree next to a broken-down old dock. It was at that point that I realized that the cargo area of the kayak had holes, and was filled with water (the same as the seat and feet areas). Nothing really got wet, since I had prepared for my pack getting wet, but it wasn't exactly a welcome revelation. I continued upstream, all the way to the dam. I went around Red Bud Island and started back downstream. It was a bit easier going downstream, especially keeping the boat headed straight, but it was into a headwind, so it didn't really feel that much easier. I ate a little more along the bank, then headed down past where I started and went up Barton Creek. The creek was full of boats, so much that it was a bit of a challenge navigating the narrow waters. I took a rest under a bridge, then went to just below Barton Springs where there were a bunch of people swimming, and turned around. I went further down Lady Bird Lake, all the way to Congress Avenue, then started back. I abandoned my original plan of trying to go all the way to the other dam, since it was already 2 and my hands were really cramping up. I thought it would be silly to be on the water all day and not go in, so under the South First bridge, I jumped in for a second. I got back to the rental place at 2:30, walked back to my car and went home. Overall, it was a good time, but it at least didn't feel like great exercise. The only time my pulse was really elevated was when I paddled my hardest, and the only place I felt any muscle soreness was in my shoulders, and a little bit in my back. However, today I don't feel sore from the paddling, but my legs are still a bit sore. Now to see if some stair climbing exacerbates that or not...

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