Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I rode my bicycle to work again on Friday. I didn't leave until after 6, and went home and vegetated all night. I went to sleep at more or less my usual time, around 11, but for no apparent reason woke up at 6 Saturday morning. I lazed about for a while, then around 10 I went to try and give blood at the new donation center near my house. I hadn't donated since I got my tattoo, because they said the convention wasn't a "licensed tattoo facility." About a month ago I finally got an email from a tattoo convention organizer saying that yes, they definitely were covered by a temporary license. Having never been there, it took me a bit of driving around the sprawling shopping development to find the place. When they looked me up in their computer, they saw the deferral. Unfortunately they couldn't just take my word that the place was, in fact, licensed, and they couldn't remove the deferral even after I showed them the email. They let me print out the email, then they faxed it over to the person who can clear me, but it apparently can take a few days and I haven't heard anything yet. Hopefully they'll get it sorted out and I can donate again soon. Since this changed my plans for the day, I decided to go home and go for a bicycle ride. I rode to the downtown area and ate lunch at Home Slice. I was pretty hungry and ate three slices of their delicious pizza. I headed into the heart of downtown from there, passing through the Batfest that was being set up on the Congress bridge. I went to the Alamo and bought a ticket for the 3 o'clock (their earliest) showing of Inglorious Basterds. Since it was only 12:30 and I had a bunch of time to kill, I rode to the art museum. I hadn't been in a while, but other than their temporary exhibition space, it was pretty much the same. I pretty much wandered around the downtown area until around 2:15 when I went to the theater and waited for the show. I really liked the movie, even though it wasn't what I was expecting. I was expecting something more like The Dirty Dozen, where Basterds's main character was more an SS colonel than the Basterds. Since it was almost 6 when I got out of the theater, I thought about going somewhere for dinner, but couldn't think of anything I particularly wanted. I stopped in at Doc's on Congress, mainly because I really had to pee, but also because there were some threatening looking clouds in the sky. I drank a beer and it still wasn't raining (and the forecast wasn't calling for it to rain on me), so I started to leave, only to find that it was now raining. I decided it was probably isolated and started home anyway. I was soon out of the rain and didn't get any more on the rest of the way home. I took a shower and went and had a nice steak dinner at the roadhouse. I fell asleep on the couch watching TV around 10.

I slept a lot later on Sunday, waking up around 8. After breakfast I drove to the veloway for a skate. I did three full laps, taking a break between each one. There were more people there than I've seen in a long time. Either I haven't been in the morning in a long time, or people are finally getting used to the heat. I showered and then went out for lunch. I decided I would try out the Carl's Jr. that went in a few months back. It was maybe a little better than most fast food places, but wasn't nearly as good as Dan's. I went to a sporting goods store to get some sale items and take advantage of tax-free weekend. At home in the afternoon I did a little bit of housework, but mostly laid on the couch. I even dozed off for a little while.

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