Saturday, August 25, 2012

Ironman Louisville: Inventory

In anticipation of tomorrow's race, I thought I would detail all the gear and stuff I have lined up.

Bike (nothing new for this race, but I have changed some things recently):
Cervelo P3.
ISM Breakaway saddle.
Zipp 808 carbon clincher wheels. Wheelbuilder Aerojacket cover for the rear. Vittoria Open Corsa Evo CX tires, butyl tubes.
Shimano Ultegra derailleurs and brakes, Zipp cork brake pads.
SRAM Red/Quark power meter crank, Look Keo classic pedals.
Vision aluminum aero bars, FSA brake levers, Shimano Ultegra shifters.
Salt Stick 6-tab dispenser (loaded with Hammer Endurolytes).
Speedfil water bottle, Camelbak flow meter.
FuelBelt bento box (loaded with 1 Clif white chocolate macadamia bar, 3 Gu roctanes, extra salt tabs)
Garmin Edge 800 computer.
XLab carbon sonic mount, with two water bottle cages (both plain water), an inflator nozzle, two CO2 cartridges, and a bag holding two tubes, a tire lever, and a multi-tool.

Morning Clothes/what I'll be wearing to the start line:
Tyr jammer swim trunks.
Swim cap, timing chip.
Aquasphere Kayenne goggles (these are brand new, but I at least swam in them this morning at the practice swim).
Long pants and a long-sleeve shirt (it'll be in the 60s).
Flip flops.
3 water bottles: two to put on the bike, one for hydrating pre-race.
1-liter Nalgene water bottle (to fill the large reservoir on the bike).
Phone, hotel room key.
2 Honey Stinger waffles, 1 Clif bar, 1 roctane (not sure I'll consume all that).

Bike Gear bag:
Bell Javelin aero helmet.
Mavic shoes.
Drymax socks, lubricated with Body Glide.
Pearl Izumi elite cycle shorts, lubricated with Chamois Butt'r.
Castelli Cervelo-branded full-zip cycle jersey.
Pearl Izumi sun sleeves.
2XU calf compression sleeves.
SPIBelt with race bib, 5 roctanes, salt tabs, ibuprofen, Gas-X, Tylenol, blister bandage, $20 bill.

Bike Special Needs bag:
12 oz bottle Dr Pepper, flat.
Small baggy of gummi bears.
Old, holey socks (in case low quality dry socks are useful).
3 roctanes, 1 Honey Stinger waffle, 1 Clif bar.
Salt tabs, Tylenol, Gas-X, blister bandage.
Spare tube, cartridge.

Run Gear bag:
Brooks Ghost 4 shoes (new pair of the same shoes I've been training in, and used at BSLT, broken in with about 25 miles).
Asics shorts.
Austin marathon tech T.
2XU compressions socks.
Cheap sunglasses I've used for a long time.

Run Special needs:
Same as bike special needs, minus the tube and cartridge, plus two large bandages.

I don't think I'll need/use quite everything, and I will be relying on the water and other stuff on course. I will report back how all the gear worked.

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