Monday, June 2, 2008

Birthday Weekend

Since Friday was my birthday, I decided to go to Chuy's for lunch and managed to get three co-workers to join me at the last minute. Someone mentioned it was my birthday and fortunately they didn't sing or anything like that, but the waitress did bring an order of sopapillas. I was full and it was a beautiful day and if it had been just me I might not have gone back to work, but I did at least for a few more hours. I left early and did some phone shopping on my way to read the paper for a little while at Shady Grove. I went home and watched TV for a while before Jimmy and Renee picked me up and we had dinner at TX Land & Cattle. Dinner was good and I stuffed my face for the second time of the day. We went from there to Coyote Ugly downtown. It wasn't really crowded when we got there, but it picked up after a while. One of the bartenders I've chatted with before, Karly, was working (she was also working the night I broke my ankle, so I was hoping she wasn't some sort of jinx). I had a couple body shots, some other shots, got birthday lashes (a studded belt- with the studs out), and generally had a really good time. It got a little rowdy, but not out of control.
I woke up about 8 Saturday morning and didn't feel too bad, so I decided to go see Indiana Jones. I headed out on my bicycle about 9:15 and got to the theater about 10, before the ticket counter was open, so I read the paper for a little, then got my ticket and waited for a little while longer inside. I had one of their specials- an Indian dish- for lunch and it was quite tasty. I bought myself a glow-in-the-dark t-shirt on my way out and headed toward downtown. After a spin along the hike-and-bike trial I went to Uncle Billy's, which I found is under construction, and sat down to drink beer and read the newspaper. About 4 I started back home. It was in the high 90's at that point, and the ride home is more uphill than the way north, so I was hot and sweaty and not moving so quickly. I stopped at a park not far from home that I've passed countless times but never checked it out. I sat in the shade cooling off for a little while reading the paper, then rode the rest of the way home. When I sat down to cool off in front of the TV I was disappointed to find that the drag racing qualifying show I was hoping to watch was postponed due to rain at the NASCAR race. After cooling off in the AC and fan for a while I took a shower and went out to get some dinner. After a little more phone shopping (I think I found the phone I want, but it's with a competitor to my current wireless carrier) I had a burger and milkshake at Steak & Shake. When I got home I finally watched the season finale of Lost and season premiere of Battlestar Galactica (I just finished watching season 3 on DVD).
Sunday morning I went for a ride with the Road Captains on an initiation ride for two new RCs. We went down to Gruene and ate at the Gruene River Grill (one of the new RCs' daughter waited on us), which was quite good, but they could do some work to take advantage of their potential river view. When we got back to the Harley shop at 2:30 it was hot out and I was sweating. I went home and chilled out in front of the TV watching the drag race until Jimmy called and I met him and Renee at the Texican for dinner. I fell asleep on the couch about 11 watching elimination rounds of the race.

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