Monday, June 9, 2008

Lazy Weekend

On Tuesday I rode my Fat Boy to work and then to the Harley shop to drop it off for an 80,000 mile service, and for the Road Captains meeting. It was hot and I ran into terrible traffic trying to get onto the interstate. It was miserable. When I went back to pick it up on Friday afternoon the traffic was just as bad, but at least I had air conditioning. I was pretty pissed though that of all the days, that was the one when my paper didn't arrive in the morning, so I didn't have that to distract me from the traffic. After I finally picked up my motorcycle I rode home and got on my bicycle and rode back to get my car.
I woke up early Saturday morning, first at 5 but fell back asleep until 6:30. I would have loved to sleep longer, but I got up and got ready to go for a ride. There was a chapter breakfast ride leaving at 8, so I skipped my usual breakfast and joined what turned out to be a large group. There were 26 people, which is far more than I would have preferred to ride with. At the restaurant we pretty well overwhelmed them. Even with two waitresses it took quite a while just to order. One half of the enormous table got its food well before the other half, and a few on my side (myself included) got our orders even later, after almost everyone had finished eating. The food was good and the portion was pretty good- I didn't feel like I was going to pop the button off my jeans. Most of the group continued on from there for a fair bit more riding. At 200 miles total, it was about as long a ride as I care to take on my Night Train. After a patchy morning sky and a brief soaking rain that left me cold all through breakfast, the late morning/early afternoon was sunny and hot. Since I didn't have any gear with me, I didn't have any sunscreen on and wound up paying the price for it. It took a little while after we stopped back at the Harley dealership before I really turned red. The shop was abuzz with a pre-ROT party, with live music, a bike wash, radio stations, and tons of people. Coyotes washing Night TrainAfter hanging out and cooling off inside in the A/C I got my bike washed by the Coyote Ugly girls, it having gotten dirty in the rain. About 4 I went to TX Roadhouse with the intention of watching the Belmont horse race. After the race was over I went back home for a little while before heading downtown to the Coyote Ugly. I had seen something about an 'after party' for the party at the dealership, but the bartenders were about the only ones I recognized as having been at the shop earlier. I was a little disappointed that Nicole (one of the ones washing my bike) wasn't working, but had a good time anyway.
Sunday was a very lazy day. I woke up at 6:30 but tried to go back to sleep for a while. About the only thing I did all day other than watch TV or surf the internet was some laundry and a half hour picking weeds in my backyard. I didn't even leave my property at any point. ESPN's coverage of the drag race was uncharacteristically bad this weekend. Their originally scheduled coverage was inadequate- two hours each for qualifying and finals, when it's normally three hours each even without the motorcycles. Then when rain delayed things not only did they not stick with it an pre-empt something else, they even cut the qualifying show short. I don't know how they ever planned to fit finals into two hours, and even though another rain delay didn't seem to affect the show, they just cut it off during semifinals.

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