Monday, September 22, 2008

In Memoriam

This past week had the unusual coincidence of having two memorials for people I knew from riding Harleys. On Thursday it was for a guy I knew from the HOG chapter but had recently sold his Harley and bought a Honda Gold Wing instead. He died as a result of a motorcycle crash in the San Antonio area. It was a nice, touching memorial. Most people were teary eyed. The second memorial, on Saturday night was for a guy I knew from the Harley shop. I didn't know him well, but I saw him a little while back and found out that he had been on death's door with cancer, but lived for another two years. Apparently he had a life insurance policy that went into effect four days after he died, leaving his daughter with little, so it was a memorial/benefit for her.
Saturday I rode my bicycle downtown and had lunch at Chuy's. I stopped at the bike shop, starting to think more seriously about getting a new bicycle again. My rear derailleur is out of adjustment again and it's really annoying. The last time I had it adjusted the tech pretty much declared it dead, along with most of the rest of the bike. I didn't stay downtown long, I headed home, took a shower and went to the benefit, then went and hung out on Jimmy's porch until far too late. I had a hard time getting up Sunday morning, but made it in time to go on a ride dubbed "I can't drive 55," for a road captain's 55th birthday. We ended up at his house for some lunch and a little party. I stuffed myself, mostly on the snacks before lunch. I napped on the couch for most of the rest of the afternoon, watching drag racing when I was awake.

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