Monday, January 5, 2009

End of Vacation

Friday I did a bit of house cleaning and then went out for a bicycle ride. I rode over to the Veloway, but had to sit down for a few minutes once I got there because I was getting a cramp. I did one lap, had another short rest, did one more lap, then had a little rest before heading home. I had lunch at Which Wich, then went home. Later in the afternoon I washed and vacuumed my car. My car had been covered in bird crap for a couple of weeks after parking downtown under a tree where grackles congregate, and the little bit of rain we've gotten since failed to wash much of it off. I didn't do anything in the evening, just watched some TV.
Saturday was pretty lazy, I ran some errands in the morning, and spent some of the afternoon doing a bit of rearranging, using the new shelving unit I bought. It's an improvement, but a far cry from my idea of cleaning the garage over the week off. I decided to go out for dinner, riding the Night Train to Pluckers. I watched the NFL playoff game for a while, then decided rather than go straight home I'd swing by Giddyups, a redneck bar down the street from my house. It was fairly dead, there was a band set up but they weren't playing when I got there and by the time they started I was ready to go, and they didn't exactly make me want to stay any longer.
I puttered around the house all Sunday morning, then went for a bicycle ride, but it was cool and really windy. I set off into the wind and only got 4 miles before I was tired and starting to get a cramp, so I headed home with the wind and it was a lot easier going. Later on Jimmy invited me over for some chili. I hung out over there until 8, then went back home and watched Man on Wire on DVD, which I really liked.
Today was back to work, unfortunately. I no longer have an office to myself, a new hire started this past Friday when nobody else was in the office. So far he's been really quiet, so hopefully it won't be any worse before when I had an officemate.

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