Monday, January 26, 2009

Another Boring Weekend

Against my better judgment, I bought a box of girl scout cookies from a coworker's daughter on Friday afternoon and ate an entire sleeve before I went home. I stayed kind of late slowly finishing something I needed to do for my manager, and then since I was full of cookies I skipped dinner. I spent the evening in front of the television watching new episodes of Friday Night Lights and Battlestar Galactica.
Saturday was fairly gray and cool, only getting up to about 50 degrees. I puttered about all morning, then at noon went for a bicycle ride. I wore long john bottoms and shorts rather than my usual workout-type pants which keep getting caught in the chain ring. The gear worked out pretty well, once I got over the initial cold. It was a bit cold on the ankles where there was a small gap between the long johns and socks. What I couldn't tell from inside was that it was also quite windy in addition to being cold. I decided for a change of pace and hopefully to go with the wind to head east to TX Roadhouse for lunch. The wind didn't really seem to have a prevailing direction, so it was still windy both going and coming back, but not as bad as a full-on headwind. My food took longer to come out than it should have, but I didn't mind since I wasn't starving and it gave me some time to read the paper. I mostly watched TV the rest of the day.
I've been concerned about the size of my backpack, since it's smaller than recommended for my Rainier expedition, so I tried to fit all the gear I currently have for the trip into it. I didn't do any sort of expert packing job, and not everything fit. I guess I'll have to start seriously looking for a new backpack. I figured as long as I had a pack full of gear, I would run up and down my stairs wearing it. I started at a full sprint, but that lasted less than a minute. I slowed down as I went and stopped after only 3 minutes completely out of breath. A little later after I'd caught my breath again I went over to Jimmy's and then we drove down to his automotive shop to drop my car off for him to do some work on it. We had lunch at Bikinis, then went over to Dave's to hang out. Along the way we stopped in at a private race course, talked to a guy working on a car in the garage and then watched a few cars running the course for a little while. Dave was playing on his tractor, so we mostly stayed out of his way. Jimmy and I met his wife, daughter and grandson for dinner, then he dropped my off at home and I watched a DVD, then went to sleep.
This morning I was disappointed to see that the weather forecast was wrong, and instead of it just being cloudy, it was foggy and the ground was wet. I would have liked to just stay home, but I rode the night train in to the office. It was a bit squirrely a couple of times and I had trouble seeing most of the way, but I made it in. It was still foggy at lunchtime, so instead of my normal going out for lunch, I stayed in and ate the other sleeve of girl scout cookies.

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