Monday, February 2, 2009

Superb Owl

After work on Friday I exercised in the stairs, then went and got an overdue haircut. I went home, took a shower, and then decided to go out for dinner. I didn't feel like going far and also wanted something different, so I went somewhere I'd never been before, Waterloo. It was a lot noisier than I would have liked, and my food didn't come as I asked for it, plus it was just okay. So, it won't be going on my list of favorite places. I picked up some ice cream using a coupon I'd gotten for giving blood and went home. I made myself a concoction of Dr Pepper, spiced rum, and the ice cream for a fairly tasty alcoholic float and watched TV the rest of the night.
Saturday I left the house about 10 for a bicycle ride. I went up Lamar and did a little loop on the hike-and-bike trail then went to Uncle Billy's. There were more people walking on the trail than I can ever remember and it was impossible to really get momentum going, having to slow way down to avoid running anybody over. When I got to Uncle Billy's it was just past 11 and there was nobody in the place. I had a beer, then another with lunch. It was still almost empty when I left. I got back on the hike-and-bike trail, but headed in the much less crowded direction east to the interstate, then back west to Congress. I was actually pretty tired at that point so didn't go very quickly down Congress to Opal's, where I sat for a while drinking beer and reading the newspaper. Sufficiently rested, I rode the rest of the way home for a total of 26 1/2 miles. I vegetated in front of the TV for the rest of the afternoon and into the night.
On Sunday I drove down to San Antonio to pick up a painting for my parents. I stopped along the way at the outlet mall to get some new socks to replace some of my ratty old ones. I got the gallery at 11:30, where a couple my parents are friends with were taking down a retrospective of his 40 years of work. I was hoping to see the paintings, but half of them were already down and stacked up against the wall. He was an architect before he became a painter, and I think it shows in that his work has a lot of geometry to it. I really liked what I did get to see. Since it was just 3 70-plus year olds, I offered to help them. I stayed for two hours, including a lunch break, taking down and moving paintings. I left with the painting they wanted to give to my parents. I read the paper and watched TV for a little while, then went over to Jimmy's to watch the Superbowl. I was rooting for the Steelers, and was glad to see them win, but even better was that it was actually a good game and not the blowout people had been calling for. We bullshitted for a while afterward, as ever, and I went straight to bed once I got home.

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