Monday, February 23, 2009


Going to work all week was pretty exhausting, particularly the commute, even though I tried to go at slightly off-peak times. For most of the week, once I got home I installed myself on the couch and didn't move much until I went upstairs to take a bath and go to bed. After work on Friday, I went and had dinner at Chuy's. I chatted a bit with the woman sitting next to me, largely focused on my leg. I went home, watched Friday Night Lights and Battlestar Galactica, then went to bed.
I took some tentative first steps on Saturday around the house. I haven't been back to my doctor yet to be officially cleared to do so, but I felt the leg was ready and I've been itching to get back on it. The walking worked out okay, as long as I used my leg like it was a peg leg and didn't put much pressure on the foot. I'm sticking with the crutches for now outside of the house and on the stairs. Around 1 I finally left the house to have lunch at Uncle Billy's. I sat out on their deck for a good while reading the paper and drinking beer. I left there about 3 and went and sat on a bench along the hike-and-bike trail and continued reading the paper, enjoying the beautiful sunny day. I then went to the Alamo Ritz for what was apparently the only preview screening of Futurama: Into the Wild Green Yonder anywhere. I liked it about the same as their previous "movie," except that the guy sitting next to me had kind of an annoying laugh. From there, I went to the Texican and had dinner with Jimmy, Rene and Dave. I wasn't particularly hungry, so I got a tortilla soup, but it was pretty enormous and I was completely stuffed afterward. I went home about 8 and crashed out on the couch.
I didn't leave the house at all on Sunday, except to get my newspaper from the driveway. I was feeling like doing something productive, but didn't manage to do anything. I did hit upon the idea of posting a picture of a collage I've had sitting in my office for a while now. The collage was made for my fifth grade teacher of all the students that year because she was retiring. The reason I have it is because she lived down the street from my parents, and her son gave it to them when she was moved to a nursing home. I posted the picture on Facebook and got quite a response, since so many of the people are friends. One friend is apparently friends with a few more people than I was, so he tagged them, and now they're my friends too. It sparked a pretty good discussion reminiscing about that class.

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