Monday, March 2, 2009

Walking Again

I went to my doctor's for a follow-up on Tuesday. A nurse removed the bandages and all the staples, I think there were 7 on the inside and 15 on the outside. Instead of a regular bandage, she put on a bunch of strips that will eventually fall off. The doctor came in, looked at my surgical wounds, gave me some instructions about recovery. He told me to keep using the crutches for another few days, but I was sick of them at that point and haven't used them since I got home that day. I was limping really badly on Wednesday, but not all that badly on Thursday. I even rode the Fat Boy to bike night Thursday night, and I rode the Night Train to work on Friday. After work on Friday I went to the Gingerman and had a couple of beers, then went home and watched TV until I could barely keep my eyes open.
Saturday I rode the Night Train over to the Harley shop to spend some of my 2008 bonus, now that I finally received it, on new aftermarket forward controls. A cold front had come in overnight, dropping Friday's 90 degrees to the low 60s and bringing a lot of wind. After making my order, I had a long lunch at TX Roadhouse, sitting and reading for a while. I went back home for a while, then drove over to Jimmy's for tacos.
I woke up about 6 on Sunday for no apparent reason. I read and watched TV all morning, nothing productive. I was dozing on the couch about noon when Jimmy came by to go for a bicycle ride. I figured with my ankle still sore and stiff it would be the only time he would be able to keep up with me. We started with a loop through the neighborhood, and Jimmy was already red in the face and feeling it in his legs. He stuck with it and we left my neighborhood, crossed the street and went into some other neighborhoods. We stopped for a while at a park. I'd never been to this park before, even though it's just a couple of blocks off of Slaughter. It was a pretty nice park with a pond and a whole bunch of ducks and geese. Jimmy survived the ride back to my house without keeling over, although he was complaining about his legs for the rest of the afternoon. Altogether, we rode about 5 miles, which wasn't enough for me to break a sweat (at least not at the pace we were going), but it was enough to make my ankle pretty sore. We drove to a Chinese buffet place for lunch, where I gorged myself. Jimmy went home with my mountain bike vowing to do some more riding on his own.

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